Free listings

List your business with us for more exposure thus more conversions. Free listings are valid for a year and can be extended on an annual basis. Make sure you include all the details including social media links, a detailed description, etc for more visibility and also confirm the information’s are accurate. Incomplete listings or listings which lack accuracy will be removed from the website during our frequent review process. All free listings will be considered as entries for participation in our biannual rank list.

Featured Listings & Promotions

We can assist you to reach more people by promotions and featuring your listings on our website, newsletters, and promotional materials. You’ll have all the free features and extra features for a more effective promotion. Find below details of our featured paid listings:

• A Complete Digital Marketing Solution
We work with a specialized team of experts to utilises the most effective advancements in programming, digital marketing, and customer support. This way, your listings get viewed by potential clients.

• Traditional Marketing
Though digital marketing is a focal point of our marketing strategy, we recognise the significance and benefits of traditional practices like reaching out to potential clients and facilitating partnerships with business entities for lead generations.

• Outstanding Service
You can trust our dedicated team to have your best interests at heart. Our agents are some of the best and most technically trained in the industry – and they have built their careers doing whatever it takes to achieve the best deals for every one of our clients.

Promotions – Highlights

Priority featured placement in the business listings

This will increase traffic to your business page

Connected pages

Specific pages for departments & products for selected business segments

Analyze statistics

It will help to see the results of the promotion and understand what works most effectively
Please get in touch to discuss a promotional plan that's suites your business & marketing budget.